Many of my paintings feature the Malvern Hills or the area. This beautiful nine mile range of hills rises abruptly from the Severn plain in the heart of England. It is listed as an 'area of outstanding beauty' and was one of Britain’s first conservation areas. Famous throughout history from the dramatic, ancient earthworks that ridge the slopes of The British Camp to the 14th century ’Piers The Plowman’ by William Langland which was written there it has inspired many artists and writers over the years.

John Evelyn called it 'one of the goodliest views in England', Byron wrote 'I shall never forget the effect of The Malvern Hills ...I used to watch them every day with a sensation I cannot describe'. Many others have been equally impressed by them; C.S. Lewis, Tennyson, John Masefield, Elizabeth Barratt Browning and Wordsworth among them. Tolkein, a frequent visitor said the view westwards over Herefordshire towards The Black Mountains was an inspiration for Middle Earth.

Musically they were also a great influence on Sir Edward Elgar and Nigel Kennedy who both lived here.
The purity of Malvern water has been famed since Elizabethan times and in the Victorian era it was one of Britain’s most fashionable spas attracting Charles Darwin and Florence Nightingale and many other prominent people of the day as frequent visitors.